002 : The Player Experience - Robbie Dickey


We are super excited to continue the D1 Blog with our first Q&A for The Player Experience. Today, we have Robbie Dickey sharing his experience as a collegiate and professional baseball player. Robbie was a 4th round draft pick in the 2014 MLB draft out of Blinn College in Brenham, Texas. During his time at Blinn, he held the top Junior College baseball player position and was the top Junior College prospect going into the draft.


Tell us about yourself and your background.
My name Is Robbie Dickey and I am from Austin, Texas. I went to high school at James Bowie where I played football and baseball and attended Blinn JUCO where I played for 2 years before getting drafted by the Washington Nationals.
Can you tell us a little more about those experiences?
I was a professional Pitcher for 4 years with the Washington Nationals, and I am no longer playing due to various injuries. JUCO ball for me was pretty dope, we went to the JUCO World Series and I became the #1 player in the nation so that experience was awesome. Getting the chance to play professional was a dream come true but the injuries, and how my injuries were treated effectively, contributed to me falling out of love with the game and made it tough to continue playing. I met great people, friends I call brothers now and overall 10/10, would do it again.
Walk us through a day in the life in pro-ball. How has it changed?
My training while playing was pretty intense and I trained pretty hard. I met up with a good trainer during my pro ball days and had very specific workout regiment due to the movement of being a pitcher. Now I just get big, trying to be a tank.
What does your training look like right now?
This one has been an up and down thing for because finding out what I love to do has been a challenge since retiring. I still train very hard at 6am every morning but have bounced around from sales, to coaching and even now going back into a sales position. A day In the life is pretty normal. Wake up, workout, go to work and then repeat.
What was the best thing about playing baseball for Blinn or the Nationals?
JUCO was fantastic at Blinn, my sophomore year. Our team was awesome and had great roommates that made the experience a lot of fun. I also recommend JUCO to a lot of guys who are either unsure about what D1 school to go to or might be on the fence of being D1/D2 caliber. Being draft eligible every year is a big advantage.
Over your career, who are some teammates you really enjoyed playing with?
There were a lot of guys I enjoyed being on the same team as. JUCO we had a great team and great roommates and then pro ball it was Nick Lee, Tommy Peterson, Koda Glover and Matt DeRosier.
Who or what has inspired you to keep working hard and playing?
My family was my reason for playing, mostly. I also wanted everything that came with being a professional athlete.
How can you describe the recruiting process for college, and the draft process?
If you’re good enough they will find you, if you’re on the brink, you gotta make videos and send them out. The draft process is a trip depending on when you get drafted. Can be very intense or pretty lax. Upper rounds are Intense and later rounds are chill. The questionnaires, not sure if they do those anymore, were ridiculous and they definitely need to go paperless
What tools or resources do you lean on to further your success?
Reading and researching is big. Diet, training, the mental aspect, etc.
What is a piece of advice you’d want to pass on to young players coming through the ranks?
If I had any advice it would be to keep the head down, enjoy every moment and grind. Keep a positive perspective at all times and understand how hard it is to do what you’re trying to do and let it motivate you to work harder.
Be sure to follow Robbie on Instagram (@hustle_and_fit) for more about his experience playing pro-ball and what he’s up to now!