Fresh Finds 003

Happy Monday! 

Here are your Fresh Finds for this week: 

  1. The Kettlebell Press. The theme of this week’s podcast snippet prompted our exercise of choice. After listening to renowned strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline on the benefits of kettlebell exercises, watch this video for a walk-through of optimal press form. Add KB swings for a full-body workout.  
  2. Easy Instant Pot Chicken Tikka. Putting a twist on the faithful (albeit sometimes bland) chicken and rice option, chicken tikka masala incorporates more than a handful of anti-inflammatory spices, antioxidants, and vasodilators. We based ours off of this recipe. 
  3. You make up for a lack of experience by training as realistically as possible and taking that training seriously.
  4. Strength Guru Pavel Tsatsouline on Compounding Benefits of KBs. Pavel Tsatsouline has led the physical training for some of the most elite groups of military personnel in the world. In this short video, he expands on his personal training, how he has helped transform the record-breaking powerlifters, and more. 

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Until then! 

The D1 Lab Team

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