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Happy Monday! 

Here are your Fresh Finds for this week: 

  1. Making use of primitive weights with the Front Rack KB Single Leg Squat to Box. The pandemic has forced many of us to start using a little creativity with our exercises. Given the already primitive nature of kettlebells, many KB lifts can be accomplished with similar sized weights. Elon Sports Performance has a great demonstrative video here
  2. Super tasty, super healthy, superhero muffins from U.S. Olympian Shalane Flanagan. These muffins are awesome. We’ve been doubling the recipe for an entire week’s worth of pre-workout carbs packed with antioxidants, vasodilators, minerals, and more. Check out the recipe here. 
  3. Matt Walker, PhD on why a sleep-deprived version of you is a lesser version of you. “After thirty years of intensive research, we can now answer many of the questions posed earlier. The recycle rate of a human being is around sixteen hours. After sixteen hours of being awake, the brain begins to fail. Humans need more than seven hours of sleep each night to maintain cognitive performance. After ten days of just seven hours of sleep, the brain is as dysfunctional as it would be after going without sleep for twenty-four hours. Three full nights of recovery sleep (i.e., more nights than a weekend) are insufficient to restore performance back to normal levels after a week of short sleeping. Finally, the human mind cannot accurately sense how sleep-deprived it is when sleep-deprived.” Source: Matt Walker, Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. [I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in improving your sleep. Also, hacking your sleep can start with the lights you use at home. Committing to red-light emitting bulbs will help your melatonin (and hGH) kick in much earlier than they would with blue-light emitting bulbs. Read more here.]
  4. Go into your fast… well.. fast. In the world of biohacking, Dr. Peter Attia is regarded as the go-to source for all things longevity. Fasting is a central principle in many of Attia’s discussions, and the studies investigating the efficacy of short-term and long-term fasting states are overwhelmingly positive. Not only can you elevate growth hormone, but you can rescue your gastrointestinal tract and immune system from chronic inflammation. Contrary to popular belief, Attia discusses why you should accelerate into your fasting state by depleting energy stores in your muscle and liver. Check out the short video here. 

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