Fresh Finds 006

Happy Monday! 


Here are your Fresh Finds for this week: 


  1. Engage your upper back with the scap retract row. When many of us might be sitting with poor posture for hours on end, strengthening the upper back is crucial for upkeep. This video breaks down the movement. 
  2. Nom Nom Asian Chicken Thighs. Starting the week with a quick, easy, and delicious meal is our favorite way to go. Check out Nom Nom for a host of paleo meals to avoid inflammatory foods, with the chicken thighs found here
  3. “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”
  4. James Clear on the compounding benefits of small changes over time. Author of Atomic Habits, James Clear breaks down key lessons from his research in a short video here. Instead of distracting yourself with the magnitude of change ahead of you, start by measuring small growth. 


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The D1 Lab Team

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