Do I take D1 : Mass Stack instead of protein powders? With protein powders?

Combining D1 : Mass Stack with a complete diet that matches your fitness goals will result in the biggest gains. In many cases, use of protein powders can be very helpful in reaching your macro-nutrient and caloric goals every day. At D1 Lab, we have had success with and without protein powders in our daily diet regimen. *

Do I take D1 : Mass Stack every day or only on days I exercise?

We recommend taking D1 : Mass Stack every day, as several components of our supplement are just as effective on non-exercise days as they are on exercise days. As an example, the use of L-Citrulline has been shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) production, and research further demonstrates that supplementing the nitric oxide (NO) pathway on rest days can improve production of critical muscle building hormones, such as hGH. *

What is Informed Sport?

Informed-Sport is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. Products that carry the Informed-Sport logo go through a full manufacturing audit, and every batch is tested for a wide variety of WADA banned substances. By using Informed Sport, we can assure D1 Lab users that they are taking a clean, transparent product that is free from contaminants or banned ingredients.

Can all athletes take D1 : Mass Stack?

Yes. All athletes can take D1 : Mass Stack. Whether you are an athlete hoping to put on mass, change body composition, or an athlete looking to improve your body’s output, D1 : Mass Stack can help you. Where differences will be seen across the spectrum of athletes is your type of training and what foods shape your diet. In other words, your gains will depend on your fitness goals. We have seen tremendous success in athletes who pair D1 : Mass Stack with a lean caloric surplus and more strength-based exercises. *

How old should athletes be to take D1 : Mass Stack?

Age recommendations are unique and can vary significantly. If a young athlete is considering taking any supplement, we recommend that they first evaluate their dietary and exercise choices. Many size and performance issues can be solved by paying more attention to the foods you eat, the exercises you complete, and the lifestyle choices you make. We recommend D1 : Mass Stack to athletes with a complete regimen of proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. *