D1 Lab Partners

The Pararescue (PJ) Foundation

The United States Air Force Pararescuemen (PJs) are a group of military personnel wholly committed to service. PJs and their Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) leaders are the only US force specifically trained and equipped to execute the most dangerous and technical rescue operations worldwide.  Regardless of enemy threat or environmental conditions, these elite warriors stand ready to find isolated and injured people, render expert medical care, and return them safely. 

Like many Americans, the athletes at D1 Lab are greatly influenced by the uncommon level of service demonstrated by United States military personnel. For every purchase at D1 Lab, we will donate to the Pararescue (PJ) Foundation to support PJ veterans and their families. Check out The Pararescue Foundation's website for more information and ways to contribute. 

Force Blue

Our brand is centered around three principles, the third of which is to give back to the community of people that make it possible to play sports, live life, and pursue a greater mission in the best country on Earth. 

Force Blue unites former special operators with marine conservationists to give warriors a cause and a cause its warriors. Force Blue takes veterans with combat dive training to heal barrier reefs off the coast of Florida, and we couldn't be more thrilled to support them with each D1 Lab purchase. Check out Force Blue's website for more information and ways to contribute.