Our Story

Taking a trip back to 2015-2017:

It seemed like no matter how I trained or what I ate, I couldn’t break away from my weight-gain plateau.

I had already put on 15 pounds of lean mass since playing football at SMU, but I was undersized and inefficient at 6’4” 187 lbs. I was counting calories and working out harder than ever, but I wanted to see better muscle gains for how much I trained. I wanted to find a way to beat the “genetic advantage” that other guys seemed to have when putting on mass. At the same time, I needed something that wasn’t pure garbage for my body and wasn’t a tub full of cheap fillers.   

January 2018:

I had just graduated from SMU and had 5 or 6 months before starting off-season training at my next school, which was still undecided. I chose to use the next couple of months to answer one question: how much could I change my body while staying between 5-10% body fat? (i.e. lean mass gains ASAP).
Luckily, I’m a scientist at heart and had a fairly extensive understanding of how the body’s signaling pathways work after a couple of degrees in the field. I dove into more scientific research than I read in undergrad to learn what physiologists were already figuring out: how to hijack the muscle-synthesizing pathways without illegal drugs. I reverse engineered what pathways were ideal targets for athletes, and I went upstream to the molecules that make it happen.
I became my own guinea pig and bulk-ordered all of my proposed ingredients. I designed my training protocol and diet plan, ensuring I had calorie surplus for what would generally amount to about 1 pound gained per week. I estimated the ratios of each ingredient that would promote the most muscle gain and started testing. The result? I gained 30 pounds in 6 weeks & I was right around 8% body fat measured by calipers and BIA… Strange to say the least.
I wanted to know if it was just me, and I had other athlete-friends asking how I put on so much weight so quickly. Giving the Space Jam-esque “Secret Stuff” to another D1 athlete helped him gain 15 pounds in 4 weeks. Similar results kept coming in with each next test. Every single person put on weight. But there was still a big issue: It didn’t make sense to order so much of these ingredients at one time and I couldn’t rest easily knowing they weren’t tested by a third party for contaminants. If I wanted to help athletes change their bodies, I had to be absolutely sure they were getting exactly what they wanted without banned substances.

January 2019-Now:

My solution resulted in the birth of D1 Lab and its flagship product, D1 : Mass Stack. I made sure that it is easy to use, third-party tested for contaminants by Informed Sport (the most strict institution on the market), insanely great tasting, and backed by the most risk-free guarantee possible: Full refund + $30 if you don’t get results. In other words, we believe in the product so much that you can’t lose by using it. 


Get rid of all the tubs, the bullshit marketing, the worry of a failed drug-test, and look at a brand that stands with you. We are here to help our fellow athletes and military personnel see the results they’ve been looking for.

Stay tuned for great content from the some of the smartest fitness folks in the world. The D1 Lab team wants to use our competitive athletic experiences to demystify the path to total-body wellness, while providing an opportunity for young athletes to learn how professionals took their game to the next level.  

The D1 : Mass Stack is made for athletes, by athletes. Recover faster, build muscle mass, and stay healthier longer.*



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